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Let’s start from scratch and see what window tinting is.


What Is Window Tinting?

You may have seen the cars with thin and transparent film sheets on the windows. 80% Window film, (the clearest film in the industry), reduces heat and UV radiation the most from reaching inside the vehicle; however, the use of this thin film is a bit controversial and is not allowed in some cases due to security issues. Still, many people love to tint their windows because they think it is a “cool” trend.

Various adhesives are used to provide stickiness and adhesion to the window film so that the tinted window looks more natural and visually appealing. Usually, the thickness of the window film ranges from 0.001 to 0.004 inches (0.0025 to 0.0102 cm).


What Is The Window Tinting Rule?

According to the rough rule, the level of darkness would increase as we move from the front to the car’s back. It simply means that you can keep the window and front screen less dark so that 70% of the light can come in and only the UV rays are blocked. But the back of the interior can be kept as dark as you wish. The governments of different countries also devise various window tinted rules to prevent any suspicious activity inside the car, such as the transport of smuggled goods, etc.


The more attention you pay to the minor details, the gorgeous tinting will look. So make sure to gather all the appropriate equipment that will help you in the tinting process.

The essential things that you will need to carry out the window tinting task on your include:

-Tint solution with a few drops of baby soap.

– Spray bottle

– A knife for cutting

– Bucket

– Squeegee

– Scrubbing pad

– Window tint kit (pre-cut)


Pour the tint solution into the spray bottle. Pour this solution on the scrubbing pad and clean the window thoroughly. Make sure to remove all the stickers before continuing with the cleaning process. Use the bucket to squeeze and remove the excess solution after cleaning. Make sure to clean all the edges of the window as well.

After you have thoroughly cleaned the window, it is time to stick the window tint to the window glass. Before installation, check the size by laying the window tint to the outside of the screen and make sure to complete all the edging and cutting. Now carefully stick the window tint on the window, and you are done.

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Is Window Tinting Worth Considering?

It is no secret that keeping yourself away from the UV rays is super important. Prevention of heat and piercing sunlight from entering your car is the excellent benefit of window tinting. This is the beautiful part of window tinting that adds a cool feature to the vehicle’s interior and keeps the components safe from getting too hot.

The entrance of less heat from outside means that your car’s air conditioner has to radiate less heat, saving the loss of energy.

Another crucial aspect that makes window tinting an essential element of personal security and privacy is that you can keep your belongings out of the sight of the people outside. Sometimes, you may not want someone to interfere with your privacy, and tinted windows help you prevent valuable possessions from getting noticed. Even if tinting is not allowed in your area, the slight level of tinted windows is still legal.

Overall, the popularity of tinted windows is not significant from a legal perspective. Driving with a tinted vehicle can cause many problems at night when the driver cannot see the outside environment correctly.

Various countries have different rules regarding the level of darkness. Some allow 25% tinting, while in other countries, it may be allowed up to 75%.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Window Tinting?


– Offers a high level of privacy while traveling

– Reflection of the light rays from the tinted windows keeps the interior of the car cooler.

– Fewer UV rays mean you can enjoy good skin health while traveling.

– Provides a classy look to the car.


– Less vision during darker time of day

– Legal laws against tinting can make your window tinting experience boring.

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Some Pro Tips Regarding The Use Of Window Tinting

– Make it your routine to clean the tinted window with the clean cloth and the tint solution.

– Do not paste any stickers on the tinted windows.

– Avoid driving with tinted windows at night.

– Carefully read the tinting laws in your country while opting for window tinting.

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